World War CoVID-19

If you asked me on December 31st of 2019 how I thought 2020 would be, I would have never imagined this. This worldwide disease has left me without a job, homeschooling two toddlers, taking an overload of online classes, waking up early in hopes to find toilet paper and still managing to run a congressional campaign. How did we end up here and what happens next? Aside from the fact that China was wrong to keep this virus a secret for so long, we still had enough time to stop the spread from being as severe as it is today. Unfortunately, we have the worst President ever PERIOD! He is out of touch with reality, he is careless and reckless with his lies, he is selfish, ignorant and his lack of leadership will cost thousands of American lives. If you want to survive this pandemic the first thing you must do is STOP LISTENING TO DONALD TRUMP! We are on our own with this one and we are better off that way. This is what needs to happen next:

1. Everyone needs to protect themselves and their loved ones. #stayhome

2. We all need to contribute to helping those on the front line (i.e. doctors, nurses, officers, fire fighters, bus drivers, flight attendants, etc.) by assisting in getting them Personal Protection Equipment (masks, gowns, gloves, etc.). Donate any way you can and do it ASAP. #PPEASAP

3. Find resources! If you've lost your job, if you're home with your children and need guidance on how to structure your days, if you are suffering from anxiety, if you live in a physically or sexually abusive home and need somewhere else to stay during this lock down (or indefinitely), or if you need clarification on what the government can offer you during this time the Christine for Congress Team is here to assist you. Please download the "Christine Connects" app on either Apple or Google Play stores. You can also join our "Christine Connects" group on Facebook as well. Here you will find helpful resources to assist you through these trying times. #ChristineConnects

I know that this is a difficult time for everyone. It may not seem like it, but God is in the midst of our confusion. He is in the midst of our pain. He will strengthen and shape our character in a way we never thought was possible. Stay strong and hold onto hope because help is on the way.



© 2019 by Christine Alexandria Olivo.