Financial Economic Relief

Fighting for immediate economic assistance and relief for families and small businesses. I will work to not only ensure continued unemployment benefits but fight for a much-needed additional supplement of up to $2,000 a month for every household in our community during this pandemic and establish a universal basic income.

Gun Reform

Universal background checks to help combat illegal gun sales that are escalating the gun violence that is tearing apart our communities.

Medicare for All

Fighting for Medicare for All, because if we can afford to give billionaires over a trillion dollars in tax cuts during one of the worst health and economic crisis of a generation, we can afford to stop forcing families in our community to make a choice between paying for groceries or paying for lifesaving medical care.

Immigration Reform

Demanding real immigration policy reform strengthening programs like TPS and DACA and challenging the roll of Federal agencies like ICE. 

$15 Minimum Wage

Advocating to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The current minimum wage is unacceptable and must be raised immediately. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Advocating to end cash bail, to end the exploitation of prisoners being paid .13 cents an hour for hard labor. Our current criminal justice system is modern day slavery. 




Green New Deal

De-Militarizing the Police

De-criminalizing drugs

Ending Cash Bail

Abolishing Privatized Prisons

Term Limits in the House, Senate and Supreme Court

Tuition Free College

Free Early Childcare

Taxing Big Corporations

Rebuilding the Middle Class

Expose and End Corruption

End Citizens United

Increased Funding for Education

Increased Funding for Public Housing

Increased Funding for Small Businesses



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