Early Life

Christine Alexandria Sanon-Jules was born on October 19, 1983 at North Miami General Hospital. She was raised in El Portal, Florida. Her father is a successful entrepreneur with a security and investigation business. As an immigrant from Haiti, he came to America to fulfill the American Dream. He built his company from the ground up and instilled the knowledge and work ethic of entrepreneurship in his children at an early age. Her mother always worked 2 to 3 jobs at a time from retail to banking in order to keep her kids in private school until finding a career in the mortgage industry. Because both of her parents were always working, Christine and her siblings were raised by their grandparents. Christine knows first hand the struggles of doing whatever it takes to keep your family afloat. Christine grew up in a very diverse neighborhood, learning to appreciate and love people from all different backgrounds. She lived next door to El Portal’s Mayor Daisy Black. Daisy Black was an African American female Mayor that showed Christine it was not only possible, but normal for a young black woman to be in a position of power. Although life wasn’t always easy, Christine grew up believing that anything was possible.


Christine was always very passionate about two things, her faith and performing arts. With her deep passion for the arts, Christine spent 7 years in Los Angeles pursuing the entertainment industry. Although she was very immersed into her artistic career, she kept finding herself developing her religious path. Christine belonged to different ministries at Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, CA. She was an active volunteer and helped give bikes and backpacks to children in Compton. After hurricane Katrina, Christine took a leave of absence from her job and volunteered full time with the American Red Cross to aid with the Katrina recovery efforts. She curated dance camps that kept kids active and excited during the summer. Christine befriended her elderly Mexican immigrant co-worker and fought for fair treatment and better benefits for her until her death. Upon moving back to Miami, Christine was offered a job that would bring her back to her passion for her faith. Christine became the Youth Director at Holy Cross Lutheran Church and served there for 6 years. Aside from organizing church events, Christine went above and beyond to personally help her youth survive dire situations from gang threats, sexual assault and homelessness. Things that no child should ever experience. Until today, Christine still mentors a handful of her former students as they thrive into adulthood. Through her service at Holy Cross she was given the opportunity to serve for Americorps. Americorps gave Christine the chance to teach inner city kids about STD’S and safe sex practices through the B.A.R.T Program. Americorps also allowed Christine to teach a Parenting class that incorporated Parents, Guardians and their children in a fully funded 12-week program.  Christine got married in 2014 and with the expected arrival of her first son, Christine left her position at the church to build her family and start a business that would give her freedom to be a mom. Christine is currently enrolled in Barry University, pursing her degree in Public Administration so that she can better serve her community.



This pandemic has shown us that more than ever, Americans need money placed directly in their hands to overcome the economic crisis we are facing. During this pandemic I will advocate for $2000 a month for every citizen and make it retroactive from April 2020. After the pandemic, I will advocate for $1000 a month for every citizen and an additional $500 per child moving forward. 


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